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Compacting Backfills
Compacting Co-hesive Solids
Compacting Surfaces
Compacting Trenches
Constructing Bicycle Paths
Constructing Dams
Constructing Embankments
Constructing Footpaths
Constructing Roads
Foundation Work
Vibrating Interlocking Paving Stone Surfaces
Ideal for trench and surface compaction, including co-hesive materials
The machine can be used for the compaction of materials on small and medium sized job sites
For road, dam, and embankment construction
For foundation jobs, backfills, bicycle and footpaths as well as in gardening architecture application
They can also be used for the vibration of surfaces paved with interlocking paving stones
Impact Force: 30 kN
Working width: 500 mm
Layers: 100 - 150 mm
Passes: 3 4
Guide handle shock mount and integrated lateral guiding systems enable effortless and precise work.
The automatic locking mechanism of the guide handle has no play, ensuring safe transport.
Trolley wheels for easy manoeuvrability on site.