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MIKASA MT-65HC (Filter Conversion)


Compacting Asphalt
Compacting Backfills
Compacting Co-hesive Solids
Compacting Granular Solids
Compacting Narrow Wall Foundations
Compacting Trenches
Working In Confined Areas
Ideal for deep fills, trenches and narrow wall foundations
Suitable for compacting in confined areas
Weight - 66 kg
Jumping stroke - 50 to 80 mm
Impact force - 12,7 Kn
Impact number - 644 to 695 / min
Fuel capacity - 2 litres
Fewer maintenance cycles in routine operations
Hour and tacho meter
Throttle lever with a conbination switch
Outstanding body balance
Secondary filter system
Honda GX100
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MIKASA MT-65HC (Filter Conversion)