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Compacting Asphalt
Smoothing Asphalt
Compacting Trenches
Compacting Granular Materials
Effective compaction for all types of sand and gravel mixed bases
Base preparation in the construction of roads, parking lots, sidewalks, stadiums and large halls
Compaction and rolling of all types of all types of asphalt
L x B x H - 2 670 x 692 x 1 170 mm
Effective drum width - 650 mm
Drum diameter - 406 mm
Centrifugal force - 23,5 Kn
Operating weight - 670 kg
Vibrating frequency - 55 Hz
Grade ability - 35 %
Water tank - 40 litres
Speed - 0 to 3 km / hour
Make - Honda GX390
Air-cooled, four stroke, OHV petrol
13 Hp (9,6 kW)
Fuel capacity - 6,5 litres
Fuel consumption - 3,7 litres / hour
Optimum RPM - 3 300

Features and Benefits:
Hydraulic systems - smooth operation
Hydraulic oil indicator - maintenance efficiency
Petrol motor - low maintenance and replacement cost
Dead-man push-stop switch - operator's safety
Neutral start - operator's safety
Electric start - ease of operation
Recoil start - back-up in case of battery theft or failure
Plastic water tanks - no rust
Handbrake on drum - prevents machine rolling away on a slope
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